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Its Like A Noose Around The Neck

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Its Like A Noose Around The Neck
May 29, 2009 10:31PM
One day in my Discipling Ministries class, we were talking about forgiveness. My professor gave an example of how unforgiveness hangs around us like a noose. It holds us back from a lot of things, and if we move in the wrong way, it can cause pain at times. I really liked this example, and I am pretty sure that this is the only time that I have really paid attention in this class. Its not one of my favorite classes, but at times we really do talk about some interesting things. The forgiveness lesson really made me think about a lot of things. I am someone who kind of holds grudges at times, so I could definetely relate to the idea of it being like a noose. So of course, this had me searching myself to see if there were any areas in which I was holding a grudge against someone. One example came to me immediately. I thought that I had forgiven and moved on from it, but over Christmas break it definetely proved that I didn't. I only thought that I had because I was away from the person while I was here at school. I saw the person over Christmas Break, and a flood of emotions swelled up. This definetely showed that I had not forgiven. Yeah, its going to hurt when that person continuously does things to hurt, but it doesn't give me an excuse to hold on to it forever. That just means that I am going to have to forgive this person over and over, which is probably going to be hard.
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