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Sometimes I Forget...

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Sometimes I Forget...
August 05, 2009 03:54PM
Its inevitable...I am an air head. Whether you have been my friend for a year or 10, you know it. My memory at times is awful, and my attention span is at times no existant. When I was diagnosed with ADHD, I had a sense of "there is no hope for me, this is why I am an air head." Then, my friends discovered that I was given this label and began to tell me that it fits me. Well, yeah! I have it! Of course it fits me! My random fits of screaming and running are not only a gift from God, but they are also listed as a learning disability. Like I said, I believe that that is one reason that I forget things a lot. Well, yes, I forget things because I didn't pay attention in the first place, but I do pay attention at times and still forget things. And sometimes, I even forget two of the most important truths that I need to remember in my life. One of those truths is that my God is so big that He is the God of the universe. Not just the God of this earth, because I think that some political leaders of today believe that they have that title. My God says that He is the God of the universe. In my physics class last semester, when we were learning about a number to a power, my professor showed us a video of positive exponents, and just how big they can get. We travelled through space (or the video basically travelled through space as we sat there and watched), and as the exponent got larger, the universe was still going! The numbers got so large that it covered the entire screen! And to think, thats how big my God is! Another truth that I all so often forget is the love that my Father has for me. I am not talking about my earthly father, although he does love me very much. I am talking about the Father who will never abandon, never hurt, and never stop loving me. I struggle with being able to accept that someone who I hurt daily, someone that I disobey hourly, loves me beyond any measure. But, alas, its the truth that can never be changed.
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