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The Desires of My Heart

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
The Desires of My Heart
August 07, 2009 02:56PM
I don't really like writing posts that cause me to look badly, but this was one of those "aha" moments for me. My friends from high school (well, all but like 3) are not the greatest influences for my life or anyone else life either. When I went away to school, I was kind of cut off from these friends besides the occasional text and the facebook connversations. I was completely a different person out in Indiana than what I was in high school. The temptations that used to exist in my life were not really there, and the friends that I have from school are ones that every high school and college girl would dream of. It was the perfect environment! Then, I came home for summer break. My work is where I meet most of my friends. I love most of the people that I work with, and I tend to hang out with them more than anyone else. My best friend in high school, Laura, has had a busy summer, so we have yet to hang out. I have been getting better with hanging out with Christian friends, but of course I improve in this area when it is almost time for me to leave again. Anyways, the "aha" moment is the purpose of this post. Yesterday I was invited by a group of my friends (the non christian friends) to go to a club. I have been to clubs before, so it wasn't the whole club idea that bothered me the most. What caused me to hesitate was the girls that I would be going with. I said no at first, but then finally decided to go, thinking that I could handle it. I had been texting my friend about this whole situation all day, and when I told her that I had changed my mind and that I was going, my "aha" moment came in. She sent me a text saying what is it that your heart is truly desiring. That question made me stop and think. By saying that I would go with this group of girls, was I saying that my heart desired their friendship over Christ? Was I truly desiring something more than Christ? And, after going to this club, I realized that it wasn't something that Christ would even desire for me.
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