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President Trump's in Honoring People in Poland (66 Views)

President Trump's in Honoring People in Poland (66 Views)
July 06, 2017 09:47PM
July 6, 2017

President Trump in Poland -What an educational and inspiring speech he gave!

The Holy Spirit led me to put TV on this morning. Its not something I normally do in the morning but I was reminded that our President was overseas, visiting Poland before heading out to Germany and the G20 Summit. I have to tell you, I was so impressed by the words of our President and was I ever educated by what he shared. He so honored the Polish people and spoke of their history of which I was not aware. You see, I am half Italian and half Polish and full hearted American. My Mom was Italian and I knew a little more about her side where my Dad was more quiet when it came to his earlier life and that of his parents. One thing that stands out in my mind is my Dad's joy and excitement when the first Polish Pope, John Paul II, sat in the Vatican. President Trump touched on this in his speech and the memories came flooding back, almost 40 years ago as if it had just happened. I didn't know then what the Polish people went through. President Trump spoke of how Pope John Paul II came to Warsaw, Poland and the people could of asked for wealth, power, prestige but what they sang, over and over was "We want God. We want God..." Yes!!! That cry lives on in my bones and tears fell from my eyes knowing there was a godly heritage that yearned for the things of God more than the things of the world. Now I knew why my Dad wrote poems regarding his love of God and Jesus. Can't even describe the fullness of thanksgiving and honor it brought to my heart. Mr. President, you did both America and Poland proud today!

President Trump talked about the Polish people's involvement and contribution to establishing our own country. I didn't know that! So I looked it up and learned that the first Poles to come to our land was in 1608. They were hired for their skills in creating glass house shops and pitch and potash burners. There is much more to that story, and how they were invited to come to Jamestown, Virginia. But what really touched my heart was that many Polish people immigrated to America in 1776 and for most of them, their reason for coming were to fight along side those who were fighting for their independence. The Poles supported the idea of self government and saw the fight was a noble and good one. Now, I never was a history buff so even if they taught these things in school, it was lost from a disinterested memory in a few days. To learn all of this now was so really cool and it brought me closer to my Dad, even though he has been gone on to his reward many, many years ago. I now understand things I didn't then and it is with great joy I share this with my Polish relatives, natural and spiritual, thanking God for each one of you. I know there is prophetic meaning to all of this and will probably share that tomorrow. :-)

Grateful to Him,
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