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Beaten Down Soul?

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Beaten Down Soul?
July 20, 2009 02:35PM
Beaten Down Soul?

There are times when a soul is so beaten down that it needs healing. The soul is the mind, will, and emotions.
We sometimes beat ourselves down by dwelling on negative thoughts; and sometimes the beat down comes from abuse. Either way, the devil is behind the scenes at work.
That is why God gave us His Word to stand. His Word is also a Healer.
We are told to think on these things that are pure, lovely, honest, just, and of a good report. There is a reason pertaining to this: mental abuse. Once we get negative thoughts on the roll within our thinking, a pattern begins and it begins to be 'set' [which is a stronghold]; and once going we begin to tear ourselves down with those negative words. THOSE WORDS ARE LIES!!
And in order to tear down those lies, we must begin to trust in God and believe on Him and what HE says. God loves us! Christ loves us! God has made a way out for us, but we must choose! We can either choose to dwell in and stay in that mental place of negative tear downs, or, we can choose LIFE! Death is in the negative, but Life comes by the Spirit of God who gives us Life by the Word of God.
If we will but dwell on what God says about us and choose to believe His Word, we will live!

I once heard a story about 3 ministers who were going some place on a very long distance, and on the side of the road was a young man standing whom one of the ministers knew. They asked if he needed a ride, but he seemed zoomed out, but they got him into the car and was taking him with them. Apparently he was on drugs. As they were going down the highway, the driver who knew this person told the young man that the Truth would set him free.
And this young man began to speak that Word. And all he did was keep speaking that word all the while down the highway, repeating it over and over again. After awhile, the other minister in the back seat was getting annoyed with it! Because that is all that he heard! He almost wanted to tell him to shut up! But, nevertheless, he didn't. After hearing that word for so long, finally, within that young man the Word clicked within his spirit, like he 'knew' what it meant for it wasn't just a repeating of that Word, but, a knowing that it was true! And he woke up and was restored to his right mind! God was at work within that young man! How much patience we must have, and how much persistance too! The Word of God got a hold of that young man and brought forth change! He accepted Jesus Christ into his heart and repented. How the Word of God works! We don't know how God is going to do something; we must be obedient to speak forth that which HE gives us to speak. There is a word in due season if we will but hear and receive.

Even the woman with the issue of blood repeated to herself that if I may but touch the hem of His garment I shall be made whole. Her faith made her whole! She stood on the Word!
You think you don't have faith? But oh you do, you already believe that you don't!

We can see a change if we will but believe the good things that God says about us, and begin to meditate on God's Word for us.
If all it is is for you to believe that God loves you, then speak it to yourself and in your mind that God does love you, let that Word sink in. I do that now because of a battle within my own soul because of past and present hurts, but now I choose Life because of this revelation! I choose to change my destiny to believe God and that HE will bring forth that change within me, even if others do not change. I need healing, too.
Believe God, dear one, for HE truly does love you, and HE has made the way out; it's up to us to believe Him.
For there will be healing in your soul if you will but believe God's love for you.

There are times when one must fight that good fight of faith when the enemy clearly attacks you when you are on the strong end of faith in God, for he is coming to steal, to kill, and to destroy by his negative words to try and get that stronghold back in you and your mind, to get to your heart so that you do not believe God. We are to guard our hearts! And that is by guarding our minds with God's Word. Believe on Him who is the Most High God!! And HE will set you free, and keep you free! HE is your Healer!

~God bless you!~
Joshobel en-Bethel {God is to flow in the house of God)

Aren't you as a Christian the house of God? Then let Him flow in you and through you today and always.

prayer: "Heavenly Father, I pray that You will bless all those who read this message, that those who are in bondage be set free in the name of Jesus Christ Your Son, for You truly do love them. And that their minds be renewed by the Word of God, and that they be not deluged with negative thoughts any longer. Give them Your Word today to stand upon, and that they believe and be changed. Heal the brokenhearted, and heal the lost souls that do not know You; draw them Father I pray so that they may know Your Son who is the way, the truth, and the life. And I give You all the praise and the glory. amen. In Jesus' name I pray."
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