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September 20, 2015 - Day 7

Posted by Joan 
September 20, 2015 - Day 7
September 21, 2015 09:46PM
"My Beloved, do you not think it saddens Me when I look upon the earth with all its chaos and darkness? Do you not think the Light of the world does not grieve when darkness has such hold on the earth? Even My people often give it more attention than they give Me, believing it more than they believe who they are in Me,

Awake My people! Awake My church! Why do you slumber in lies and bath in self pity! You are the head and not the tail. The overcomer and not the overcome! If My own people won't walk in My light and in My truth why should they expect the world to change? Your spiritual muscles are weak and powerless for you are not exercising and using them. Do not think the blood of this generation will not be on your hands if you do not arise and take your position in the body of Christ in this hour. Do you think these are harsh words? Beloved, they are words to awaken you to the seriousness of the hour you now live. How much harsher will be the day of judgment? Read the book of Jude for this in the hour of what you now live. This is the fruit of deception that covers the earth with darkness. Awake! Walk in the Light of the world, piercing the darkness, drawing others to My Light and My Truth for the glory of the One who sent Me and for the salvation of your soul!"
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