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September 22, 2015- 9th Day of Repentance - Word from the Lord

Posted by Joan 
September 22, 2015- 9th Day of Repentance - Word from the Lord
September 24, 2015 06:09PM
September 22, 2015 - Day 9 of Days of Repentance

Word from the Lord:

"Dear Ones, there is coming a shaking the world has never see before, a shaking that will try the hearts of men. I say this not to frighten you but to prepare you and to ready you by drawing you closer to Myself. The winds of change are here and you must be attentive to My voice and to the leading of My Spirit. There is evil in the world. There is even evil found amongst My people. Study the book of Jude to see where it has crept in. Build yourself up i your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, exercising your spiritual muscles. Humble yourselves before Me and before men. Search your heart for wrog doig against others and against Myself. Repent before them and repent before Me. Turn away from those unholy things and become holy as I am Holy. The Holy Spirit waits to help you in this. Plant yourselves firmly in and upon My Word and kwow it is yea and amen. Walk in love and not judgment for you know not the heart of man so how can you judge another's life? When the storms of this world come know that I have overcome the world and in Me you will overcome it, too. While others are being shaken, stand firmly on the Rock of Your salvation and watch as others are drawn to you. The fields are ripe for harvest. Rejoice!"
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