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When I am weak, You are strong

Posted by Joan 
When I am weak, You are strong
June 19, 2008 06:37PM
Precious Lord,

I come before You today with a hunger and need for You. It is bad enough that the world is ready to eat us up and spit us out but to see the struggle we have to partake of in our Christian fellowship as well causes me great sadness. Holy One, I am in the midst of such a struggle and find the biggest battle is to keep my flesh out of it and striving to bring You glory through it. This is not a unique battle. Others are feeling the war wounds upon themselves, even those with whom we are having confrontation with. If there is anything You have shown me is that we do not have it all together yet, even though we’d like to think so. The closer we come to Your wondrous Light the more our flaws and weaknesses show themselves to be. Even in this, we each have our own personal gifts and strengths so what I might “see” another one might not. And what another might “see” I might not. Thus it is very evident that we need each other, keeping You as our Head and our focus.

Jesus, I still stand in awe of how much yet there is for us to learn about You and about our heavenly Father through You. That You never did on earth anything that You did not see our heavenly Father do sets such an example for us to follow. Please help us to set aside man made doctrines and theology and even our preconceived notions about You so that we can be open to receive from Your Spirit all truth unto righteousness.

Lord, it is so wonderful to be in Your Presence. Every weight and concern seems to melt away and Your warmth and goodness envelops me. You are a soft place to fall, a comfort to my soul, a light unto my feet, a drink of refreshing water, strength in my weakness and a haven in the midst of the storm. Oh, if only those who did not know You at all could see what they are missing! Dear Jesus, when all else fails You never do. Thank You, my Beloved.

Dear Lord, what is it that keeps us at odds with one another within the body of Christ? Oh, I know that the enemy causes a lot of havoc. He’s done his job for a long, long time and He knows how to do it well. But I am talking about the struggles and disagreements that come from those who know You and love You. Why are we often times having different views on Scripture, how we are to walk on earth, when You are returning, etc., etc., etc. I am hearing in my spirit that the answer to that question is “pride.” Pride of wanting to be right hinders us and causes division. Oh, Lord, please take our pride away! We so long to magnify You and exalt You on earth, bringing You honor through our lives and actions! Help us to be like little children who recognize that we are reliant upon You, our heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. What do we really have to offer compared to what You gave us by coming to earth and dying for our sins? Help us to be humble towards one another, loving the other and counting their lives more important than our own. Oh, Lord, help us to be changed into Your image, walking in the love of the Father. How lives would be changed and multitudes upon multitudes would be added to the Kingdom. Hallelujah!!!

Thank You, Lord for spending this time with me. My heart is at peace. Almighty God has a plan and as we look to You we can be confident that it will come to pass. Jesus, sweet Jesus, I am so grateful for Your obedience to Your Father, for Your comfort and Your strength. What a difference it makes to come into Your Presence. Praise be to God!!!
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