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Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Posted by Joan 
Happy Birthday, Jesus!
December 23, 2008 06:12AM
My sweet Lord,

Time is going by so quickly, especially as the hustle and bustle of the season takes away such valuable time. Lord, I want to make sure that I just set everything aside for awhile and spend it with You. Not only do I want to wish You a Happy Birthday, I want to thank You for all You have done for us, all You continue to do even now. Just yesterday I heard a minister say how You even make intercession for us now in heaven, presenting our lives and our needs before God. What a powerful reality that is even more so this year as Billy is still suffering the aftermath of a stroke this past August. Jesus, sweet Jesus, by Your stripes Billy is healed and made whole. With all that I am I know this is true, no matter what the circumstances might show. We wait for that manifested healing to reveal itself this side of heaven and to think You are interceding on his behalf, on our behalf and on behalf of all those the Father has given You, that is pretty amazing.

Lord, I was just thinking about how I long to be like You, to walk in the fruit of the Spirit and to bring honor to our heavenly Father as do You. While thinking about that I thought about the heroes of yesterday, those who presented examples for young people to follow. You are the ultimate One to follow, without a doubt but I was thinking about the "heroes" of today, the ones the young people look up to. The pickings are rather slim today compared to when I was growing up. Back then it was our parents, teachers, priests, ministers, presidents and those in public office. Yes, there were even movie stars that we looked up to like John Wayne and those who presented a positive example. Now adays most actors are playing immoral roles. Politicians are being exposed for corruption. Priests, ministers have tainted their calling. Parents are preoccuppied with their own lives and teachers are overwhelmed, descouraged or not as devoted as before. It is a sad state of affairs. But Lord, when the world is dark Your Light shines all the more brightly. Jesus, this world needs You so much. We need Your Truth to touch us again, and we need the Holy Spirit to bring conviction and the power of God. Jesus, we need our heavenly Father's kingdom to come, on earth as it is in heaven. We need to sup with You that we might come to know our Creator all the more, coming to know the Father through You.

Oh, Lord, I am sorry. I came to wish You a Happy Birthday and to thank You. How easy it is to be sidestepped by our own needs rather than to focus on how good You are, how marvelous is Your Light. Sweet, sweet Jesus, gentle is the Lamb and yet how loud is the roar of the Lion of Judah. Praise be to God. You abide with us Lord, and through You we abide with our heavenly Father. As we are one with You we are one with the Father. I love You, Lord. No matter how difficult things might become in my life I am comforted with the knowledge that one day I will spend eternity with You and with my loved ones who have gone on before me. And in eternity I will come to know You all the more. Ah, so many questions I have for You and for our heavenly Father. And such love and gratitude towards You that I feel my heart get giddy thinking about being with You! Precious Lord it is hard to explain why I love You so much to another. How grateful I am that You love me!

Lord, I hope You get lots of birthday greetings because You surely deserve it. May praises to You rise up and may You be encompassed with the love and honor You so richly deserve, not only at Christmas time but every day of the year!
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