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Looking Beyond the Storm to Him - Oct. 15, 2005 entry

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Anonymous User
Looking Beyond the Storm to Him - Oct. 15, 2005 entry
October 08, 2007 12:06PM
October 15, 2005
Looking Beyond the Storm to Him

Good Morning Heavenly Father,

We have good news today. The rain is supposed to stop and the sun is going to come out soon, whether it be today or tomorrow we are not sure. But we are sure that this news brings us hope and hope strengthens us just as the hope of Your Son's return strengthens us and enables us to go on. Ya know Lord, I was thinking about all this rain, how dark and dreary the days have been. Our bodies have become weary as day after day rain and darkness prevailed. You have taught me so much in the midst of days such as this. One time I can remember sitting outside on the hill by the church we attended, it was drizzling and the sky was dark. You spoke to my heart and said, "Do not become dismayed for though the sky looks dark the sun is still there, just out of sight" (paraphrasing the words now). I knew You were telling me that even when our days appear dark and dismal Your Son is there to strengthen us and help us through.

Last night I was watching "Three Wishes" with Amy Grant and what really impressed me was the segment about a young girl who had been in an auto accident just days before her high school graduation and in a coma for weeks after that. One of the first words out of her mouth when she came to was "did I graduate," The heart broken parents had to tell her "no". This young woman faces many hurdles in her life as she is now in a wheel chair, unable to walk and barely able to speak. Her words are slow and one has to strain to hear them. Yet she has not given up. What was most noticeable about this young person was her eyes, how they radiated life and hope. Before the accident her word of choice was "believe" and believe she has and continues to do. I would be shocked to learn that this family does not know Your Son, Jesus. The strength they all have supersedes anything in the natural.

Well, the sisters (she has three of them) asked Amy Grant to bring about their sister's wish of turning back time and having her graduation with all of her school mates. The crew of "Three Wishes" found alt the students that were fellow classmates of this girl and got them to come back to their home town as many had gone off to different states and universities. The graduation was scheduled in a football field and the number of people who showed up were a testimony of this town's unity and love for this young woman. But hours before the graduation a storm was brewing in the air and before you knew it rain was pouring down on the grounds. Still the people came, umbrella's covering their heads but their hearts were full as they went forth. Even Amy Grant didn't know if they were going to have to cancel the graduation but she offered up a prayer to You, asking You to intervene and allow this graduation to go on. Praise be to You, for the rain did stop. Not only did it stop but the most beautiful rainbow came forth that witnessed to Your covenant to Your people of goodness, of faithfulness, of hope and of love. It reminded me of the many obstacles that might come our way just before we receive the victory You have promised us through Your Son, Christ Jesus. Oh, Father, that we do not lose hope just because of the darkness that might befall us for a time. Your Word is truth and You are faithful. Please, Holy Spirit, remind us not to look at the storm or circumstances that might be before us but let us look to the promise You have given us through Your Son and keep our eyes upon Him for it is only through Him that we have the victory and that is a truth of Your kingdom. Hallelujah. All glory and honor is due You. Praise Your Holy Name now and forever more!!!

In awe of Your faithfulness,
Your loving daughter
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