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Wanting to spend time with You, Lord.

Posted by Joan 
Wanting to spend time with You, Lord.
December 18, 2007 12:58AM
Good morning Precious Lord,

It is only minutes past midnight and with Christmas just a week away, there is much to be done and I probably should be doing it. But right now there is a great need to spend time with You. With all the hustle and bustle, it seems the quiet time alone with You is at a minimum, far too little indeed.

Jesus, isn’t it ironic that Christmas is a time to celebrate Your birth yet we get so busy with doing things for others that we often forget how important it is to acknowledge You, to fellowship with You. That is why this time, right now, is being set aside for You. I want to tell You how much I love You, how grateful I am for Your love towards us and our Heavenly Father. Jesus, Precious Jesus, truly You are the Light of this world. I wonder how often we think of the Christmas lights as being symbolic of You. It is Your light that shines through the darkness. It is Your light that pierces the darkness and makes a path to everlasting life. It is during Christmas time that we remember “peace on earth, good will to men.” But do we realize that it is You Who is the Prince of peace? Do we think on the fact that it was Your arrival on earth that brought forth good will to men, being the Father’s desire that none should perish but be restored to Him through You, His only Begotten Son? When people wish others a “joyous” holiday, do they stop to think that You are our joy for without You we are lost?

Sweet Jesus, as I look around me I am saddened by what I see here in America. So many have commercialized this time of the year when we celebrate Your birth, or where we once did. The enemy would have Your name wiped off the face of the earth but we know that will not happen. One day ever knee will bow before You and You will receive the honor that You are due. Oh, how I look forward to that day. Still, my heart goes out to those who are lost and do not know You. So many have been deceived and do not recognize that who and what they choose today will be what they reap in eternity. There is only two options, life or death - heaven or hell. And there is only one way to heaven and eternal glory, that is through You, dear Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! I just had a vision of You crying out for the lost just as You did for Jerusalem when You walked the earth. You would have embraced them to Your bosom like a mother hen wanting to love on them, nourish them. Dear Lord, even today they refuse to acknowledge Who You are. And even today You weep for them. Jesus, if I could, I would touch the heart of every man, woman and child and call forth healing of their hearts and an opening of the spiritual eyes that they might see You for Who You are, their Redeemer, their Lord, their King. Jesus, I would want for them to know of Your great love towards them and, through You, that they would come to know their heavenly Father‘s love and goodness towards them as well. Jesus, if I could, I would have them freed from the bondage of the enemy and let them know that freedom came to them because of You. Jesus, how I wish everyone could truly know You for I know they would give You their hearts and love and devotion. And I know You would be blessed this Christmas for Your heart would be full as You beheld these dear ones embracing You thus bringing glory to the Father through You. Jesus, I know that God gives us the desires of our hearts. Well, my Beloved the desire of my heart is that You would be blessed this Christmas and that the multitudes will come to know You in truth and in light and that they would be one with You as You are one with the Father,.Abba, God I pray that this would be so around the world this year as we celebrate the birth of Your Only Begotten Son. And, Father, may Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, in Jesus’ Holy name we pray. Amen.

Jesus, I want You to know that I love You so very, very much. You are so precious to me and I praise the Lord for sending You to earth. It's amazing to me how much God loves mankind that He would send His very Best! That's how much He cares. I know You know that He is a good and loving Father and He only brings correction so that we can get back on the right path, just like any good parent would do. Thanks for showing us of God's goodness, mercy and grace. And thank You for loving us as You do and for taking time to spend with me. How tender and sweet this fellowship is. Thank You, my Beloved. Thank You.....
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