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Making Words From Biblical Names - July 6, 2008

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Making Words From Biblical Names - July 6, 2008
July 06, 2008 09:06AM
The name we're going to use this week is Pontius Pilate. He was the fifth Roman governor of Judea and governed for ten years, A.D. 26-36. His job was to keep peace between the Roman government and the Jewish people of the land, a task that he did not always do well. At the time of his rule in Jerusalem it was the only city in the Roman Empire that did not have a statue of Emperor Tiberius in the city square. When Pilate ordered that images of the emperor be placed throughout the ciy, even facing the Jewish temple. He had no idea what anger would come forth from the Jewish people who sought to serve God and to have no graven images set before Him. The next day an angry crowd of 7,000 Jews gathered outside his residence. The Jews were willing to come against him and die if need be rather than to defile their city and temple with these graven images.

Again Pilate faced with an angry crowd when Jesus Christ was brought before him. He saw no crime committed against Rome by Jesus but the crowds roared against him. He had Jesus sent to Herod, who only mocked Him and had him beaten and sent back to Pilate. Three times Pilate tried to have persuade the people to see Jesus innocence but three times the would not let him until finally they sought Jesus' crucifixion. A shocked and grieved Pilate washed his hands of the people's choice and then let their voices rule over the innocence he found in this Man.

This weeks biblical name:

Anonymous User
Re: Making Words From Biblical Names - July 6, 2008
July 08, 2008 10:10AM
Here's just a few words that I got from PONTIUS PILATE:


Care to try your brain and make up words?
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