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The Forward of Your Life

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
The Forward of Your Life
August 05, 2009 03:53PM
Earlier today, I was having a connversation with a close friend that I work with. I was telling her how easy it seemed to just drop out of school, write a book, and become famous. I thought that she would give me this huge lecture about how basically my book wouldn't be any good, and that I needed to stay in college. Well, there was no lecture. She simply asked me if she could write the forward. Her being a good friend of mine, of course I said yes! I even said that I would be greatly delighted if she were to write the forward to my book. See, she thought that my book would be an autobiography. I would never write an autobiography. In order to have an autobiography...don't you have to be famous first? Anyways, sidetracked! Next thing she said totally threw me off. She didn't have to take a while to think, but she said that she had her introduction to the forward already in her mind. It was basically this: "Put the bottle down and pull the pants up: the autobiography of Jen". Is that what I really want the forward of my life to be? For isn't an autobiography the story of your life? Is that what I want to be known for? I didn't really respond to her saying this, because I was thinking so much about it. Is that the impression that I really give those around me? That doesn't have to be what the forward to our lives is. The forward to our lives indeed can show the struggles that we have, but we can overcome them. It kind of bites how the weaknesses in our lives stick out the most sometimes, but there is healing and power behind it. Showing this to me makes me more and more motivated to change so that the forward of my life may say "Follower of Christ", or "Deeply in love with her Savior!" So, what will the forward of your life say? Are you pleased with it? Or are there areas in where you need to change as well? That change can be brought from Christ. You can be washed clean, purified, and sanctified by Christ. Let the forward of your life be the stongest part of your life, not your weakness!
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