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The Wonder of His Love - Sept. 16, 2004 entry

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
The Wonder of His Love - Sept. 16, 2004 entry
August 20, 2007 04:27PM
The Wonder of His Love - September 16, 2004 entry

Precious Jesus,

Lord, it has been awhile since writing here yet I know You have been with me all the time. (While writing this I was instructed to put pen down and go with the Lord (in the spirit). It seemed as if we went to a very high mountain, much like the one the devil took Jesus to when he was trying to tempt Him by offering Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and their beauty...)

Jesus, when You showed me what is important to You and to the Father it was not the vast beauty I saw upon that mountain nor the richness of the land and all the wealth it holds. That which is important to You is the people who dwell there. Each is a precious gem to You and You treasure them dearly. Yes Lord, this past weekend showed me this in an even impacting way.

Dear Lord, I have seen first hand that when it is God's will that something be done, it will get done! Hallelujah! I still stand in amazement as I look back at how things fell into place so that we could set up a table at the Women's Expo. Hmmm, on Labor Day the Holy Spirit put it on my heart that we are to rest from our labors. Lord, while I was busy calling people, etc., there was a 'rest' in my spirit knowing if we were to pray at the Women's Expo, if it was Your will Father, then it would come to pass. And, praise be to God, it did! Hallelujah!!! There was a calm, a peace within me and I didn't feel like I had to 'make it happen.' I think thee was even a part of me that saw the "impossibilities" of pulling off something like this in less than 24 hours but I knew that I knew that I needed to pursue it. Thank You Lord for allowing others and myself to be vessels of Your love, of Your caring and of Your Spirit.

Jesus, we were privileged to minister to so many women, some who were deeply hurt, some who knew the power of prayer and wanted to be touched by it, some saying they were close to the Lord yet, spiritually, we knew this to not be so, and some who were physically afflicted yet the spirit of God shone brightly through them! Lord, such a variety and such need. The young, the middle-aged, and the old came to be prayed for. Despair filled the hearts of more than were filled with hope. Many others just walked past the booth either because they were too shy to enter or afraid to open their hearts to strangers or because they didn't believe prayer would do them any good.

But Lord, those who did come were not disappointed. The spirit of God manifested through the prayer teams and were touched by the hand of God. We heard many people say, "How did you know that? A couple said that, at first, they thought we were physic! Ah, the power of the Lord. Greater is He than that which this world has to offer! We answered them that it was the Spirit of God in us and it was all because of You, Jesus, because of Your faithfulness to the Lord. Bless You, oh Lord!

Lord, we saw hope come into many of these women's eyes and they left feeling better than when they came. Holy One, that is what You did when You walked the earth. When the multitudes came to You to be healed, to be ministered to whether it be by Your teachings or by Your touch, You did not fail them. You gave of Yourself, knowing it was God Who strengthened You and made it all possible. Sweet Lord, this weekend was so humbling. We knew it was not our capabilities or strength that touched these women but God in Christ in us, "the hope of glory." We know that had it not been for Your life upon the earth, Your sufferings, death and resurrection, none of this would have been available. And even above this all we recognize God's Almighty Hand and goodness in it all. I am reminded of the rich young ruler who came to You and asked, "Good Teacher, what shall I do to gain eternal life" and Your response was, "Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone" (Mark 10:17-18). Lord, You who walked with such power did not take credit for Yourself but gave it to our heavenly Father. Your humility is such an example for us all to follow. After this weekend, I can say with a knowing certainty that the humbleness You showed was not a forced action but one that came from the depth of Your being brought about because of Your relationship with God, knowing Who He is, His heart, and that every good thing comes from Him. It's where pride ceases because you know apart from Him you are nothing. It's when you stand in awe and gratitude that He has allowed you to be a vessel of His goodness. Then humbleness is not forced or contrived - it just is!

Lord, I knew that humbleness this weekend. When God's love flows in you that you come to understand how precious each human life is to the Almighty Father. Jesus, I started this journal so that I might draw closer to You, to come and know You better that I might come to know the heavenly Father as well. I don't think I expected to find out "why" You did the things that You did. I think I wanted to know "how" You walked, talked, healed, suffered, etc., but today I realize that all of this was done out of love for the Father. Yes, You loved us and were willing to die for our sins, but the real thing that fortified You, that motivated Your love for Abba, God and His love for You. Funny, but I was just reminded of my pinky nail that broke Saturday morning as I was loading boxes into the van for the Women's Expo. The nail broke down so low it was still hanging on by the skin, bleeding. If I tore it off it would have been excruciating! So I bandaged it as best I could. Every so often I would bump it and I was well aware how painful it was. At night I tried to find a safe place to rest it as I could feel it throbbing with pain. As I was driving home Sunday after the Expo I was filled with such awe and gratitude that You allowed me to be a part of touching lives for the kingdom's sake and I thought, "God, for as much as my finger hurt, to have experienced what I did this weekend, knowing Your Presence was with me, I would have gladly endured the pain of each nail on my hand being broken and bleeding." What a small price to pay.

Jesus, I am no where near to where You were, beaten and hung on the cross, carrying all of our sins upon Yourself. But I can now, experientially, say I understand why You did sacrifice Your life - not as a sacrifice as we think of it but as a token of Your love towards Your heavenly Father, loving those that He loves. Even though they were sinners
they were still precious in the sight of Almighty God. Jesus, what a pure, giving love that is. Sweet Lord, I love You so much and I am so grateful for Your faithfulness, for Your love towards our heavenly Father. Help me to know Daddy God as You do that I might be a blessing to Him as You are. Two hearts knit together as one. Jesus, knit my heart together with Yours I pray.
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